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Matt Witt - The Tor WindMatt Witt is a living, breathing artist of Avalon. Since moving to Glastonbury in 2012, he has developed an intimate relationship with the land and community. This relationship has spawned a series of work dedicated to the very special energies that pervade this part of the world, deeply influencing him as well as all those who live and visit here.

The endeavours herein are created with a strong intention to connect the viewer to the powerful mystical energy of Avalon. Inspiration comes from long walks around the countryside, endless ascents and circumambulations of the Tor, from deep emotional eruptions, insights and undulations of the human mind, meditation, dreams and the collective consciousness.

For Matt, creativity and artistic expression are a tool for self discovery, creating art is a meditation that places humans in an altered state where we can step through the veils into other realities with more ease. Matt stands firmly behind art as a catalyst for the unravelling of ones being, it sheds light in the shadowy places and allows a firmer grasp of oneself and place in the collective.

The images come by way of openness to the development of a relationship with this landscape and Avalon, that unseen one just beyond the veils. Some images appear in the mind fully formed, others are born of hours shifting shapes and colours around to find the perfect composition, one that connects with the sacred maths of the universe.

In some cases the images are mathematically defined, using shapes recognisable as human, adhering to golden ratio, mimicking the maths of nature, they play on humans ability for shape recognition and emotional reaction to colour.

Matt has come to respect Avalon’s powerful collaborative energies that aim to coax humanity closer to its true, free, creative state of being. These pieces are just the tip of the iceberg, a marriage to Avalon is many lives long.

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Matt’s Music:

Matt creates folk songs on acoustic guitar, he shares this music with the local community and with the trees. His music is dedicated to Avalon in the bardic tradition.

Listen here: https://soundcloud.com/matthew-witt

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